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Urban Basements are a London Basement company that specialise in Basement Construction in London. We provide a full service from Basement Design and Planning to Building and Project Management.

With London being the capital of England, has the size and population to show for it. It is also a hub for Victorian- and Georgian-era architecture, with long terraces of properties of this design. It was also built along the River Thames, with trade and commerce at the forefront of its creation, with supply stores and cellars numerous throughout the city. It is also home to the world’s first underground railway, the London Underground, seemingly showing that underground construction is sewn into the fabric of the city.

With the occurrence of so many Victorian- and Georgian-era houses, one may expect, quite reasonably, the presence of cellars and basements as well. This is because many 19th and 20th Century buildings had basic basements and cellars installed, used for the storage of coal for heating water and fuelling fires. Having these already present makes it fairly simple for conversion, and makes it easier to reuse what can be optimal space for storage, or extending your property without compromising the character or style of the building. Also, in terraces, it is usually impossible to extend outwards, so downwards is the way to go, realising the potential from beneath.


Site appraisal and feasibility studies, Site and building surveys


Specifications, artistic and graphic representations and construction drawings, Sales and Deed plans


Planning consultation and applications, CDM and H&S Requirements

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