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Urban Basements


Urban Basements are Basement experts in Notting Hill Gate, London. We are a specialist Basement company in Notting Hill Gate, providing a full service from Basement Design and Planning to Building and Project Management.

Notting Hill Gate is one of the main passages through Notting Hill. Historically, this thoroughfare was a location for toll gates, from where it gets its name. Underground construction is seemingly in its nature, with the Circle and District Lines of the Tube, and a new tube station linking the two, acting as a public subway under Notting Hill Gate itself.

With many of the buildings redeveloped during the 1950s, many of the Georgian- and Victorian-era houses were lost. Nevertheless, the terraces that were built are still a perfect place in which to build a basement. In a terrace, it is also usually impossible to extend outwards, so downwards is the way to go, realising the potential from beneath.


Site appraisal and feasibility studies, Site and building surveys


Specifications, artistic and graphic representations and construction drawings, Sales and Deed plans


Planning consultation and applications, CDM and H&S Requirements

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